Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Data Entry

The operative who types up the BBC's list of disclosed salaries has had a busy shift and seems to have knocked off halfway through some updates.

Mark Linsey ('Taxi for Sevenoaks ?') hits £292k as Acting Director of Television, from his previous £230k - not quite matching the departed Danny Cohen's £327k.

Some new names have been added, so far without numbers, including Charlotte Lock, Director of Media Engagement and Marketing and Audiences, BBC North, Patrick Holland, Head of Commissioning (surely not the whole lot ?), and Dale Haddon, HR Director, News.

Salaries for James Harding's Glitter Twins, Gavin Allen and Jon Zilkha, land at just over £143k each

Jaytin Aythora, artist and Chief (technology) Architect, is getting £175k. Michael Donnelly, new HR Director, Service Centre, is on £160k.

There's still no sign of Jonty Claypole's wedge, if you'll pardon my language. He was appointed Director of Arts back in March 2014.

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