Wednesday, January 20, 2016


“This is going to make the identities of BBC1 and BBC2 clearer”, said Director General Lord Hall, according to The Guardian, as he put Charlotte Moore in control of both.

Imagine, then, the benefits of having a single person running, say, The Royal Opera House and The English National Opera. Or Manchester City and Chelsea. Or Greggs and Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons. Or Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom. It's the sort of business insight that has real legs.

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  1. I run a local community sports club. It's taken me a year to realise that there are two management tasks - strategy and operations. It seems to have taken the well-paid panjandrums and consultants forever to realise the same thing at Auntie, and to design a structure that has one layer of strategic supervisors, another of operational managers and then the actual miners who do all the hard work. 3 layers give or take the need for 'Assistant' roles to massage egos and provide some career progression. The media market now moves too fast for institutions designed to operate at cruise-liner not fighter jet speeds. So there is a real need for more, swifter and better strategic planning to enable swifter operational changes that try to keep the Beeb relevant and competitive. It would be hard in any environment, but trying to do it when the major influence on funding thinks the organisation is only good for filling a 'market-failure' gap, makes this a trick that Houdini might be proud of - if it succeeds. Good Luck Uncle Tony.


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