Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vital statistics

Given what we've learned about "dialling up" messages, it's clear that things can only get better inside the BBC. And given the number of HR operatives with Engagement in their job title, it's handy that the latest staff survey, for 2015, shows Engagement Is Up, to 67%, by 1% point, compared with a UK average of 61%.

It's even more of a triumph when you realise that the number of people who could be bothered to fill in the survey, usually a key metric of the mumbo-jumbo that makes up Engagement Theory, has actually gone down - 54% of staff, compared with 55% in 2014, and 34% of freelances and contractors, compared with 46% in the last equivalent run round the houses.

And there are healthy, single figure percentage increases in those agreeing with 34 out of 41 statements that were asked last time. The only two going the wrong way are "My workload is usually achievable in my normal working hours " and "I have the technologies and tools I need to do my job", both down 1%.

Comparisons given with UK norms are selective, so here's my selection of their selection. "I'm rewarded fairly for what I do through pay, benefits and flexible options" - 40% at Auntie strongly agree/tend to agree, compared with a 48% average. "I have confidence in decisions made by the Executive Team and my Divisional Leadership Team" - 43% happy-ish, compared with a UK average of 55%.  This is odd, because 75% support the BBC's strategy and objectives (UK average 58%) - is the problem at Divisional level ?

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