Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Very strong

Congratulations to Niki Carr (Kesteven and Sleaford High, Leeds University), Marketing Manager for BBC3 - and for Comedy.

She's managed to double bluff us all with the new logo for BBC3, which is clearly the Mayan hieroglyph for 12, and, along the way, acquired more free publicity than anyone could reasonably expect. Even John Morton, writer of BBC docu-drama W1A, commented "You couldn't make it up - but clearly, we did".

Working mum Niki joined the BBC as Brand Manager for News & Current Affairs (who knew they had one ?) in 2004, the heady days of Helen Boaden's reign. Since then, in a contracting Auntie, her jobs have all come in pairs - BBC2 and Factual, Digital and iPlayer, and Radio 1 and 1Xtra. She joined BBC3 three months after the Executive announced that they wanted to move the channel online in March 2014.

Niki clearly got the comedy team to help with her script for the logo announcement - "This visual identity will underpin what we do in the future. What is most striking is the new logo and the fact it doesn’t actually say three."  One of the team also gave up areas of hair for the project (unless the Mail finds out they paid an actor).

Can we be sure that Niki is pulling our legs ? On Linkedin, she has an endorsement from Ben Clapp, Executive Creative Director of GreyPOSSIBLE: "On the ball when it comes to commissioning work; strategically smart, bold and contemporary in execution and keen to pioneer new formats and ideas. Niki gets more progressive ideas and much better value out of agencies by creating an atmosphere of trust and treating them as partners"

GreyPOSSIBLE say "We work in the space where two of the strongest communication pedigrees meet. Blending the powerful, culture-defining ideas of the Grey network with POSSIBLE's deep, digital expertise. 

"Digital is at its most successful when it’s integrated into the heart of a client’s business. And this works best when it happens upstream, with the best strategic and creative firepower in the industry."

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  1. The Mayan hieroglyph for "BBC Paused !" maybe.

    It is April the first, isn't it? No ? Oh...


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