Sunday, January 17, 2016

Try again

The BBC Executive got sent back to do more work by the BBC Trust, at a monster two-day meeting at Pacific Quay back in November. The minutes show that, as well as finally approving the move of BBC3 to 'online only', the Trust were offered proposals on management pay and rebalancing UK-wide and "nations" production. My interpretation - homework not quite good enough. My italics.

140.3 Members discussed with the Executive the challenges of ensuring value for money whilst attracting high calibre staff in a competitive commercial environment, and of setting a new strategy at a time of significant organisational change. The Trust noted that any new strategy would need to set tangible targets whilst allowing flexibility, and that transparency would need to be maintained through disclosure whilst protecting commercially confidential information.

140.4 The Director-General agreed that the Executive Board would discuss the strategy again before any further discussion with the Trust.

141.4 The Director-General said that work on improving the BBC’s offering to all audiences, including those in the nations, should not conflict with the objective of creating a simpler organisation. The Trust agreed that quotas could add unnecessary complication, but noted it was important that the BBC should be transparent and accountable for its performance in the nations.

141.5 The Trust asked the Executive to return to it once it had developed the proposals for future work in the devolved nations outlined in its British, Bold, Creative Charter Review document; these included reviewing the balance of UK-wide and Nations news bulletins, and improving portrayal and representation

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