Thursday, January 28, 2016


It looks like consultation time is over, and the BBC's Anne Bulford is imposing a new expenses policy which is to apply to all staff.

There'll be no claims allowed for 1st Class rail travel - even if advance booking might make the ticket cheaper than standard (it's apparently a 'reputational' thing), and all bookings have to be made via appointed supplier, The Trainline. There'll be no taxis in London zones 1-3, unless heavy goods are involved and the cap on taxi journey length comes down from 40 miles to 25 miles.

For hotels, only bookings through the BBC's appointed supplier will be covered.

In an organisation that clearly expects to march on a regularly fed-stomach, staff working away from base for more than 5 hours can claim £6 towards scam (but no booze); if the shift extends to 10 hours, another £10 is claimable. The 5 hour/£6 seems to be the only major point Anne has given ground on, since the proposals first appear in mid-October.

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