Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shipping forecast

Anyone getting a feeling that there's an early rush to the life rafts, as the Good Ship BBC TV Production undergoes a rarely-attempted refit at sea to transform the ageing supertanker into a shiny cruise liner, BBC Studios, under Commodore Salmon and Chief Purser Mallett ?

Myfanwy Moore, UK Controller of Comedy Production for the past two years, went overboard yesterday, waving by-bye to a salary of £200k, and presumably without a deal. In her note to fellow-crew members, she wrote:

"It's a personal decision. This is a hearts and minds job. Quite rightly. But after overseeing the department, and leading the initial charge into Studios, it feels like it's time to oversee something a little closer to home. Like my home...... Please know you face a brilliant future in BBC Studios. I'm around for the next month. Big love. xM."

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