Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Save on printing

Former BBC HR Director Lucy Adams' collected works will probably be called "Late Dawning Realisations", with at least one chapter entitled "Why Didn't I Think Of That At The Time ?", and another "Leaving ? How Much Money Can You Carry ?".

In the first chapter she'll group Appraisals, Performance Rankings, Group E-Mails with a new one just coming blinking into the Adams Spotlight of Dumping Useless Activities, "Ditch Your Employee Handbook".  She has also become an admirer of Netflix's five word policy on expenses - Act In Netflix's Best Interests. The current BBC policy statement, under 'renegotiation', runs to 25 pages. I can't see Valerie Hughes D'Aeth making it much shorter, if at all.

(If Lucy reads further in the Netflix story, she'll find another great HR strategy. Hire, Reward and Tolerate Only Fully Formed Adults.)

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