Thursday, January 14, 2016

Q & A

Belated congratulations of Anna Mallett, now anointed COO of BBC Studios. Peter Salmon is pleased. "It is great to welcome Anna on board. She is a brilliant collaborator, a clear thinker and great manager with previous successful experience of running commercial companies. Her acute business sense, and understanding of the industry will play a key part in creating a BBC Studios that is vibrant and creative.”

Anna joined the BBC in 2006 on around £120k; she's now on £240k. Will her salary as COO Studios be disclosed before it goes out of the reach of FoI enquiries ?  Is her "experience of running commercial companies" largely gained through the loss-making BBC Studios and Post Production ?   Were there any other candidates ?  Has she found a way to give the new BBC Studios any start-up capital ? Any more questions ?

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  1. Which entity is to be called "BBC Studios" then? The one Anna Mallett is joining, or the one she's leaving?


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