Sunday, January 10, 2016


The BBC's Ten O'Clock Bulletin gets 45 minutes (including regional news and weather) from Monday. The Mirror reasonably suggests that both David Dimbleby of Question Time and Andrew 'Make Me A Scoop' Neil of This Week are anxious about what a later start will do to their audience figures. But, of course, there's no such slight to an important broadcaster like Graham Norton; on Fridays, the extra time apparently vital "to explain the events that impact the country and help to make sense of the changing world around us" is not required, and his show sails on at 1035.

At ITV Towers, they're at least keeping News At Tom at Ten for the whole week.

In other news, the warm openness of the BBC this weekend extended to letting Sheila Fogarty, now of LBC, win her round of Celebrity Mastermind (specialist subject Pope John Paul II). Brother Liam, former BBC Correspondent, was a winner on Mastermind Ordinaire in 1981 (the works of Gustave Courbet).

And Radio 5Live welcomes GMB host Piers Morgan to share presentation of their football phone-in tonight. Will the webcam indicate where he is, and show Ian Wright gazing adoringly at his hero ?

Staying with commercial broadcasters, Robert Peston's ITV Sunday show will not now launch until 'Spring'.

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