Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It will come as no surprise that the various press releases and background reports from the DCMS on the growth of Britain's creative industries do not include the letters "BBC".

The "gross value added" by those industries identified as 'creative', from jewellery making to PR, was £84.1bn in 2014 - 5.2 per cent of the UK economy. For four years running the creative industries have grown as a proportion of the total UK GVA. GVA of the Creative Industries increased by 8.9 per cent between 2013 and 2014. This compares to 4.6 per cent for the whole of the UK. In June last year, BBC DG Lord Hall warned “One of my pleas would be: this ecology works. Don’t screw around with it".  Osborne already has.

  • One of the component parts of the GVA calculations requires an assessment of each individual sector's "creative intensity" - i.e. the proportion of their total workforce engaged in creative work. Radio chums will like their ranking....(Click to go large).

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