Monday, January 4, 2016

Impossible ?

A new schedule for the hardest working woman in radio from today. Vanessa Feltz continues with her weekday Radio 2 early show, running from 0500 to 0630, then moves to the studios of Radio London.

What's left of half an hour is presumably spent carefully honing scripts, digesting briefs, getting across tricky pronunciations, adding the trademark Feltz magic, before three hours of live broadcasting starting at 0700. Barely time for a snack ?  Vanessa fessed up the big issue to her loyal readers in the Daily Express just before the New Year...

On January 4 I begin a new incarnation as breakfast presenter on BBC Radio London.

It will involve finishing my Radio 2 Early Breakfast Show at 6.30am, charging down from the building’s sixth floor, sprinting through security, dashing across a road and a piazza, going through security, rushing up to the second floor of an entirely different building and bursting live on air with the brand new show at 7am. 

If I worry too much about the mechanics – when to visit the ladies, for example – I’ll curdle with anxiety. So I’m telling myself to breathe deeply, have faith in my two fabulous production teams and believe that 26 years of radio experience will make the impossible happen.

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