Monday, January 25, 2016

Idle rumours

In the new simpler BBC, there's at least one new management meeting that will make staff nervous - the Redeployment Oversight Group. It's the fruit of new negotiations with unions to try to assure those at risk of redundancy that they'll be properly and fairly considered for other jobs.

This may or may not apply to Newsnight, where careless talk may be threatening Ian Katz's attempts to recruit a suitably groovy replacement for departed Political Editor Allegra Stratton. 

Meanwhile, BBC spokespeople continue to tap dance across the full width of pinheads. I particularly liked this one in the Independent on Friday, in response to speculation on the future of the News Channel as a broadcast operation.  

“As James Harding has said, over the next few months we’ll be looking at how BBC News should respond to changing technology and audience demands, and to the need to make financial savings across the organisation. Any talk about the BBC News Channel is idle rumour, we are discussing our priorities not taking decisions.”

If decisions aren't taken soon, Anne Bulford will foreclose on News.

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