Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Rant warning. If you are to extend your bulletin "to explain the events that impact the country", let's do that. Let's not have info-lite, Janet-and-John numpty explainers. Most of the UK's population have worked at some stage of their lives; most will have had experience of a payslip and a rota. Let's see a few typical junior doctors' weekly or monthly schedules and pay returns, and compare them with Hunt's proposals.

Last night, Mark Easton, dressed in one of Captain Peacock's old suits, slid between virtual hospital beds, and told us there are 55,000 junior hospital doctors in England, paid basic salaries from £23k to £70k. He quoted the Government view of the offer  - an 11% increase in basic, a 25% cut in the rate for 'anti-social hours', and the scrapping of time-based increments - that three-quarters will be better off, and 1% will be worse off. Mark said the BMA disputes these figures, but gave no further detail, before a jaunt through the history of the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt says that there's agreement with the BMA on 15 out of 16 points. The BMA says that's wrong.

BBC hacks normally are rota-savvy, and know about the issues of performance-related pay. Let's do some work and find out how close the two sides are, if at all.

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