Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All barrels

I hope there was an early morning call to the cleaners at 180 Great Portland Street, asking for copies of the Daily Mail set aside for the BBC Trust to be quietly binned.

Mail posh-cheeky-boy Quentin Letts has laid into BBC Chairman Rona Fairhead and her aide-de-camp Alex Towers after their appearance before the Culture Select Committee yesterday. The full thing makes your eyes water. Rona "was a portrait of anguish, neuralgia made flesh". Alex: "a bespectacled mumbler, gulpy as a drainpipe, all hairless wrists and scraped back, underwashed hair". 

Quentin doesn't mention that in December the quasi-judicial wing of the Trust ruled that his tail-tweaking of the Met Office, in the Radio 4 series "What's The Point Of ...?" should be taken off the iPlayer, never mind never repeated.

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