Thursday, December 17, 2015

Was there a flounce ?

It must have been quite a dramatic start to the October meeting of the BBC Executive. Official news of Danny Cohen's resignation as Director of Television came just before 1000am on Tuesday 13th, when the meeting was starting. Danny found time to send his apologies, and Lord Hall announced to those assembled on the third floor of 'old' Broadcasting House that Peter Salmon would start his new role as Director of BBC Studios the following day. Cause and effect ?

The remainder of minutes are familiarly opaque. Projects are mentioned en passant - myBBC, technology framework contracts, budget planning - with no hint of whether or not they're going well or badly.

We can expect, however, a shorter Annual Report. Here's the minute.

Summary: Executive Board considered proposals to simplify the format of the Corporation’s Annual Report, whilst still providing the same amount of information for licence fee payers, noting that this would be undertake in consultation with the BBC Trust.

Let's hope they make it shorter by taking some of the guff out, rather than leaving letters off the end of words (undertaken ?).

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