Sunday, December 27, 2015

Strictly Media 2015 - The Winners

And finally, the winners of Strictly Media 2015.

This couple pulled all our strings over the year, and were part of the team winning the biggest public vote of all, in May. For them, however, that was just the beginning - with their big target coming in 2020.

I give you George Osborne and Thea Porter, clear winners of Strictly Media 2015, demonstrating that a ruthless focus on personal success has the power to change the UK's media landscape for the next five to ten years without much consultation with anyone - except, perhaps, Rupert Murdoch.

Almost before the election was won, George and his team of special advisers were moving forward with their plan to make him Prime Minister. Newsnight producer-turned-Chief of Staff-at-No-11 Thea decided it was time to move her protege on from the hi-viz jackets and safety goggles to spangly jumpsuits and a bare chest - after all, she's helped him shed two stone, given him a Caesar-style barnet, and made him practice wry smiles.

In the first group dance, a flash of Thea's stilettos hobbled Lord Hall, with a licence-fee deal that made the ensuing Charter Renewal debate about the future size and scope of the BBC pointless. (What was odd was that George didn't really care about Lord Hall, the BBC or how and why this country punches above its weight in many forms of media production. Another group of advisors had reminded him that the Office for Budget Responsibility deems the licence fee as a tax - so it wasn't going to budge other than downwards.)

For the final, George and Thea reprised their heady rumba, with the judges impressed with their Reverse Tax Credit Side Step. George lifted the trophy with one of those rehearsed wry smiles, chuckling inside about the commercialisation of BBC tv production and the money to come in 2016 from the sale of Channel 4.

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