Saturday, December 26, 2015

Strictly Media 2015 - 7

This year's runners-up, in my imaginary world of imaginary media couples year expressed in terms of an imaginary televised ballroom dancing competition.

7. Peter Salmon and Anna Mallett

Broadcasting Everyman Peter and BBC strategist Anna were very much on home territory in the wide open spaces of Elstree - Peter as Director of the nascent company making the show, and Anna as a former CEO of BBC Studios and Post Production, Elstree tenants whilst their Television Centre studios get an extended makeover.

Peter proved to be the first contestant never to bother the wardrobe department, providing all his own outfits for all rounds, up to and including the final. Some observers were surprised to find they weren't even specially made for the event. (There's no suggestion that this is how BBC Studios is to make savings in future.) There was some grumbling from other contestants that Peter's dances were framed and edited rather favourably, but Pete and his special advisers threw themselves into each style of dance with vigour, blogs, more blogs, photo opportunities, team meetings and that trademark warm northern glow.

In terms of this trophy however, it was close, but no coconut. You'll see why tomorrow.

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