Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Strictly Media 2015 - 3

The continuing, made-up story of power couples throwing shapes during the year, to the embarrassment of all, yet handily keeping the blog ticking over...

3. Mark Linsey and Charlotte Moore

Controller BBC1 Charlotte trained for most of the year with Director of Television Danny Cohen, preparing especially for Movie Night with a Citizen Kane-themed tango and a Harry Potter cha-cha-cha, choreographed in person by J K Rowling.

Then, most unexpectedly, Danny dropped out (was it a row over judging, grumpiness over Peter Salmon still getting a bigger fee, or that too-raunchy 2016 calendar ?). Charlotte was surprised to find her new partner was local delivery man, Mark Linsey, and he was in no doubt that HE was the celebrity. Lord Hall had made him up to Acting Director of Television, and thus in one bound, Charlotte's boss. Mark brought in Michael McIntyre as new choreographer, and planned a Mrs Brown show dance if he and Charlotte made it to the final.

It wasn't to be. A poor execution of a Park Avenue in their Foxtrot put them into the bottom two, and Director of Studios Peter Salmon and his partner Anna Mallet won the dance-off, to resounding cheers from accountants, consultants and project managers from other BBC commercial subsidiaries in the Elstree audience.

Tomorrow: Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

Read about Lord Hall's exit here, and Alan Yentob's disqualification here.

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