Friday, December 11, 2015

Sporting chance

BBC hacks are adjusting to the news that Richard Burgess has been charged with driving their UK News agenda. Richard's longest piece of journalism so far is the 2000 paperback "Blue Moon Rising", written up from his time covering Manchester City for the Manchester Evening News.

He joined the paper in 1998, as City were clawing their way back from a double relegation. He completed the book whilst working for BBC GMR, the previous incarnation of BBC Radio Manchester. He has a post-graduate diploma in journalism from Cardiff University, and tried his hand as a general reporter for the Grimsby Evening Telegraph before the move to Manchester - he was already a suffering fan of the light blues.

From GMR he moved to Five Live sports programmes, and since 2010 has borne the title Head of Sports News and BBC Radio Sport. This multi-faceted role ranged from trying to find scoops for then Sports Editor David Bond, to claiming the hire of Charlotte Green to read the football results.

The tweets of congratulations on Richard's appointment as UK News Editor are already flooding in. Former HR Director Lucy Adams is very pleased that the BBC has recognised his talented leadership. I wonder where Richard was in the nine-box grid.

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