Saturday, December 5, 2015


Belated overnight figures are in for Thursday's viewing. The monster that is the collected BBC national and regional output at 6.30pm came in second only to Eastenders on BBC1, with 5.66m viewers.

The BBC's 10 O'Clock bulletin attracted 4.18m. ITV reached 2.57m, closing the gap, but massively boosted by the preceding 'celebrity'/bikini jungle stuff.

The under-resourced BBC lunchtime bulletin, rumoured to be in for yet another cut in the New Year, returned an impressive 2.65m, which was nearly 39% of the available audience. The return-on-investment in Newsnight was somewhat lower - 0.37m, a share of just 2.8%. C4 News managed 0.89, a share of 4.6%.

ITV's Good Morning Britain edged forward, on one of Piers Morgan's days off, to 0.71m, with an above-target share of 17.5%. BBC Breakfast got 1.65m - 38.1%.

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