Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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BBC Trust chairman Rona Fairhead, with a double-first in law from Cambridge, must know what she's talking about when she calls for "an i-licence", to update the terms of the current television licence fee.

We've still yet to hear how the Government and the BBC intend to "close the iPlayer loophole", whereby we can all catch-up with BBC programmes on smart-phones and computers without charge. The mechanics are unexplained. The current TV Licence is a household licence; that's why students get chased at university when they flee the nest. But how many people are there to be in an i-licenced household ? And how many devices will they be allowed under this new licence ?  Will it be allowed on trust, or by inputting a code ? And if someone else logs in on your computer and "catches up", who's at fault ? And what will the sanction be ? Criminal, as with the current licence-fee ?  I hope better brains than mine are working on it.

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  1. I know I've said this before - but this could have been tackled years ago, by the simple expedient of shutting off bits of the website (in particular iPlayer) unless you put in a PIN that came with your telly licence. Simples!


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