Thursday, December 10, 2015

Huw knew ?

So the BBC News at Ten, Regional News, and Weather will run to 10.45 in the New Year, says The Telegraph. 

Let's hope they use the extra time wisely. There was a rather odd end-piece last night, featuring a fireside chat between Welsh-speaking Huw Edwards and Welsh-speaking rugby union international Jamie Huw Roberts, previewing that sporting dinosaur, the Varsity Match. Their discourse ranged over Jamie's part-time Masters in surgery (which happily has made the 29-year-old available to play for the Light Blues since November 4, prior to formally joining Harlequins later this month) and his work/sporting life balance and ambitions. Even the BBC News website finds it hard to find a title for this two-and-a-half minute truffle.

The Varsity match is on BBC2 from 2pm - can't remember a bidding battle. It's presented by John Inverdale. The principal match sponsors are EY (don't you dare call them Ernst & Young) and Pol Roger champagne.

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  1. It already seems ten minutes longer when 'Magisterial Huw' reads it, anyway.


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