Friday, December 4, 2015

Harding on ICE

James Harding, BBC Director of News and Presenter, is in the sights of BBC HR Director Valerie Hughes D'Aeth. She's responsible for Internal Communications & Engagement - and her footsoldiers say, on evidence to hand, that the biggest communications gap in News (the biggest single community of staff in the BBC) appears to be between the leadership and the majority of staff and managers. There are too many "top down" emails, and "limited interaction" at internal events.

An action plan is on the way, but I won't spoil it for you yet. The first problem is to get the 2015 Staff Survey over the line. In 2014 only 34% of News staff said they had confidence in decisions made by the Executive and their division. There's been a low response so far to this year's online survey, and low isn't a good result for either side in this divide. It means some people think it's hardly worth it; some people are afraid that, though full anonymity is promised, there's a risk of jigsaw identification of malcontents; and some people just can't cope with online surveys.

The deadline has been extended to midnight tonight.

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