Sunday, December 13, 2015


Ouch. The over-extended X-Factor Final (part 1) drew 5.72 million viewers, according to the overnight ratings. They endured former van-driver turned 2014 X-Factor winner Ben Haenow (mentor Simon Cowell, 56) trying to find some notes in the same key as Leona Lewis; endless exhortations to spending money voting; a chance to win Simon Cowell's car; and a mini-video-highlights car crash.  The figure is down 2.42m on the equivalent show last year.

Strictly was buoyant - 9.67m.

Tonight's final final may be boosted by Adele. Otherwise the viewers are left with another 125 minutes of hectoring to vote for either the iron tonsils of Louisa Johnson (17) or the Butlins' medleys of Reggie (31) & Bollie (29).  This year's tweaks haven't worked. Nick Grimshaw may be available for more work in 2016. Hopefully followed by Cowell.

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