Sunday, December 20, 2015

Corridor talk

The redevelopment of the former BBC Oxford Road site in Manchester is to be called Circle Square, in a move of weapons-grade property marketing b*llocks.

Toby Sproll, head of retail at developers Bruntwood explains "The Circle Square brand is an intentional contradiction to invite curiosity. The vision is to create a wonderful space. The idea behind the name is that it's intentionally thought-provoking.

"What we're after is an exciting, vibrant mix of innovative retailers, food and beverage operators, and amenities. It's a mixed-use development that requires a range of provisions.

 "We're very much aware of the need to create fantastic collaborative space that will appeal to science and technology businesses, but also creative businesses."

Chris Oglesby, CEO at Bruntwood, joins in: “Circle Square will evolve into a fully integrated residential and commercial neighbourhood, contributing to the city’s continued economic and cultural success at the heart of Corridor Manchester."

I rather hope it remains empty for a punishing number of years.

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