Saturday, November 7, 2015

Who's Hugh ?

The civil servant leading for the DCMS on Charter Renewal surfaced at a Westminster Media Forum this week.

Hugh Harris has a 1st in PPE from Magdalen College, Oxford, and then worked briefly as a hack on The Economist. In 1998 he joined the CBI, and in 2000 won a Kennedy Scholarship to take a Masters in Public Administration at Harvard, where he became both a fan and critic of West Wing.

In 2002, he joined the Treasury, got a little wider money experience with Rothschilds from 2007, and then joined the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit in 2009. He was credited with support for the infamous Nudge Unit, leading on employment and welfare advice. In 2013, it was back to the Treasury, and he joined Genial John Whittingdale at the DCMS in February this year.

Hugh lives in Crystal Palace with his partner Gaucho and son Oscar. He set up the LGB* Network in the Treasury 2005, "in response to a real visibility issue in the building: there were almost no openly LGB* members of staff out of an organisation of over 1,000... and somehow no-one thought this was a problem! "

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