Sunday, November 15, 2015


Lots of my sort of stuff doesn't matter at all when you try to understand events in Paris. If you're in the mood, there are some odds and ends below. All absolutely inconsequential, in the great scheme of things.
  • Fiona Bruce, on a riding holiday through the Cotswolds, imagines a Jilly Cooper-type plot line in which Brooklyn Beckham might be seduced by a flame-haired cougar working for a global media mogul. 
  • It's a little odd that Oisin Tymon could have worked for close to ten years on Top Gear, and then suddenly find his lead presenter might occasionally use strong languge that some find offensive. 
  • James Harding and Zanny Minton-Beddoes launched their Gogglebox of News show on Friday, on the World Service. Introducing himself in a style worthy of some one-party state broadcaster, the Director of News failed to pull off the unscripted-but-really-scripted style, presumably from a sofa somewhere in Broadcasting House, and might reflect on his assessment of Cameron and Modi as "like marketing directors". 
  • James has also discovered one of broadcasting's eternal truths - that the awards game is never fair. Live with it, Jimmy - we all had to...
  • The BBC has been talking about how to achieve "radio with personality"in its latest bid to revive the withering corpse of local radio.  Losing Iain Lee on Three Counties breakfast makes that ambition look like a dead duck. 

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