Saturday, November 7, 2015


Having tried to "simplify" the BBC from the bottom, from the middle and from various sides, I'm now hearing Lord Hall's next attempt will start at the top.

The one element of charter renewal looking fairly certain is that the BBC will emerge with a new unitary board. This means serious players are already trying to identify who might be the first Non-Executive Chairman. Lord Hall looks unlikely to step up, and probably wants a gracious exit not long after the seal is set on a new Charter.

The new chairman will therefore have to find a new DG/CEO, an amusing enough task in itself.
Below these two jobs, the new board needs a balance of non-executives and executives. Industry practice suggests a maximum of three or four from each side. And if the future is to be that simple, why not start now ? The BBC Executive currently has Helen Boaden for Radio/England, James Harding for News, James Purnell for Digital & Strategy, Peter Salmon for BBC Studios, Anne Bulford for Finance and Operations, Tim Davie for Worldwide and a vacancy behind Danny Cohen, at Television.

One good bet might be on Anne Bulford and Tim Davie surviving, while we await the emergence of the first BBC Director of Content.

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