Thursday, November 12, 2015

Train news

Guitarist/singer/composer and member of the Notting Hill Cultural Valhalla, David Gilmour and his Rhinemaiden Polly Samson, are the subject of a 72-minute documentary on BBC2 on Saturday night, brought to you by two Executive Producers, Alan Yentob and Lesley Douglas.  Alan has dropped his original title for the film "Who Is David Gilmour ?", in favour of "Wider Horizons".

There's a hint from Pink Floyd fans that this tribute has had rather a long gestatory period. Meant to mark Gilmour's first new work for nine years (a gap surely sufficient these days to make you third lead on BBC News), the album 'Rattle That Lock" came out in September, the UK tour is over, and our hero is off round the world.

In a conceit that even fictional rocker Brian Pern would be proud of, the title track "begins with the four notes, created by Michaƫl Boumendil, which precede announcements at French SNCF railway stations which David recorded on his phone at Aix-en-Provence station. Polly's lyrics were inspired by Book II of John Milton's Paradise Lost, which is also featured in her recent acclaimed novel, The Kindness."

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