Monday, November 16, 2015

Local interest

With all the international focus on Paris, it's interesting that the 10 minutes of early evening regional news on BBC1 at the weekend is outstripping the national bulletin.

On Saturday, at 6.40pm, 8.43m watched the regional news, after a total of 6.71m for the preceding national news. It's possible that some might have been foxed by schedule changes, and were assembling for Strictly.

On Sunday, the sequence ran 6pm National 7.06m, 6.20pm Regional 7.87m, 6.30pm Countryfile 7.39m, suggesting at least 40,000 had opted in just for "the news where you are".

Meanwhile, pages views to the BBC News Online main story on the Paris attacked clocked up 36.3m views on Saturday - a record, outstripping 15.3m for General Election results over the day.

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  1. Maybe they opted in for the regional news to escape from the depressing wall to wall saturation coverage from Paris.


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