Sunday, November 8, 2015


As wars of words go, it's only slightly less aggressive than John Terry v Robbie Savage.

ITV's Tom Bradby returns to the fray in the battle of News at When v Huw Edwards' News at Ten, courtesy of the columns of The Sunday Times today.  Adopting the ring techniques of Piers Morgan, Tom says his real target is to be better than David Dimbleby.

"He is still unarguably the greatest broadcaster (Trevor McDonald is his only rival in my lifetime) and if he ever did the news, wouldn’t he speak in his own voice, as he does in everything else? I recognise that I am never going to match him, but there is no harm in having a goal."

Tom's column doesn't find room for up-to-date audience figures. The BBC 10pm bulletin returned overnight figures of 4.3m on Monday, 3.9m on Tuesday and 4.9m on Wednesday. And Huw 'Hwyl' Edwards will be pretty pleased with 5.4m for the Festival of Remembrance.


  1. All this Hugh v Tom bickering is rather like someone who works for Lidl saying how bad Aldi is, and about as interesting - neither participant having worked in the others company.

  2. The only interesting read recently - Jon Snow


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