Monday, November 2, 2015


The Times (paywall) says that the BBC is considering extending its 10pm BBC1 bulletin by seven minutes. According to Beth Rigby, the plans also include biffing Newsnight from its big basement studio, to achieve for a new look for Huw and Fiona, without the newsroom/call centre background (on which the pre-James Harding regime spent so much money.)

This week's schedules show that ITV offers a longer evening news slot than than the BBC, though with ad breaks. The BBC is straightforward - 10.00-10.25 UK Bulletin, 10.25-10.32 Regional Bulletin, 10.32-10.35 UK Weather forecast, every week night.  Presumably an extra seven minutes takes the whole shebang to 10.42. Which is spookily close to the ITV timings, when they actually start at 10 - Tom Bradby and John Whittingdale won't be happy.

None of these changes look cheap to achieve, and if they go ahead, represent another victory for style over content. New sets for network and Newsnight - Harding may find more than grumblings from staff when he announces this year's redundancy targets.

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