Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cannae wait

BBC News has gone public with an advert for a new UK News Editor, but when you get to the small print, it says "This vacancy is only open to BBC staff. This means that you have to be BBC staff i.e. with a fixed term, continuing or flexi contract."

Mind you, there are probably enough former ITN staff now inside the BBC's Volcano News Lair for a decent field of candidates to be put before former ITN man Jonathan Munro. Toby Castle, former ITN Home News Editor and cycling fanatic, and Ed Campbell, now ensconced as Editor, Special Correspondents, after following reporter Lucy Manning to Auntie, both spring to mind.

Meanwhile, former incumbent Gary Smith has expanded on his 'crystal clear' vision for his new role editing news and current affairs for the BBC in Scotland, in a way that leaves this reader confused. Director of Digital and Strategy James Purnell has said the matter of a separate Scottish television news bulletin at 6pm is a matter of "consultation", which hints at an issue more alive than dead, and Fiona Hyslop, the SNP's Culture Secretary, has talked about continuing chats with James, which is nice.  

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