Saturday, November 21, 2015

Boys, eh ?

The current battle between Naughty News at Tom on ITV and Sensible News with Huw on BBC1 is a hoot. ITV stands accused in the Telegraph of 'junction management' in order to boost ratings, by former ITN man Nigel-brother-of-Paul Dacre.

But, we note, the BBC's bulletin last night cheekily started at 10.05pm, shoving Fiona Bruce late apparently to allow the rigour of Graham Norton's assessment of Adele, her talent and wisdom to gain maximum exposure. Someone had decided there was no possibility of trimming five minutes from a programme recorded more than two weeks ago. Odd, since there's a version without Graham Norton available from BBC Worldwide, running at 45 minutes. Meanwhile, on ITV, News at Tom was actually News with Rageh at 10.30pm. I have ratings for neither, as yet.

Apropos of nothing, is Adele's album actually on Spotify after all ?

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  1. "from a programme recorded more than two weeks ago" and which was staged at ITV (The London Studios) on the South Bank, because the Beeb has so few studios of its own after Mark T flogged of Television Centre for executive flats!

  2. Methinks the ASA should be told... "Adele at the BBC" ... I don't think so.


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