Monday, November 9, 2015

Bott off

Andrew Bott, who's been doing sums for BBC Worldwide since 1998 (the days of Bland, Birt and Rupert Gavin), is leaving as Chief Finance Officer. He took the role on an acting basis in 2013 - under John Smith, now with Burberry - and was confirmed in the role last year by the incoming CEO Tim Davie.

Last year was a good year for Andrew (Batley Grammar and BA Modern Languages, New College Oxford) financially, if not stellar for the organisation. His package came to £489k (compared to a miserly £124k for the previous 12 months.)

Andrew will join Fremantle Media as CFO from March next year. They make Danger Mouse, Grand Designs, Neighbours and (with Syco) Britain's Got Talent and XFactor. They're part of the RTL Group, 75% owned by Bertelsmann.

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  1. "His package came to £489k... " but that's all that's needed for Beeb pension calculations.


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