Sunday, November 1, 2015

After you

The Whittingdale/Tom Bradby view of the correct way to schedule BBC One is to let ITV go first, and then let Auntie fit in around it.

It's sort of what's happening with Strictly and the XFactor this season. But Strictly is waltzing away, with 9.35m in the overnights from Saturday, and the XFactor in doldrums of 5.63m (compared with a Halloween show from 2009 over 10m).

The early loser in all this is Dr Who - 3.87m is not great, but clearly some of the younger audience are attracted to the monsters on XFactor on the other side. It'll catch-up on catch-up. And the BBC is being a little greedy in its own scheduling, with safe, secure, smug, 80s-fixated Pointless Celebrities in the earlier slot that should really be Dr Who's.

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