Thursday, October 22, 2015


Some interesting stats from Newswhip, trying to track which publishers have had the most impact with their content going straight out on Facebook, via Facebook Instant. The bald figures are from their counting machine, Spike, covering the month of September, showing interactions via ordinary social media linking, and so-called 'native' interactions which share the publisher's content from Facebook.

An in-bred culture of sharing, general 'talk-ability' and the sharing nature of its social-media-savvy users drives BuzzFeed to the top, with a smaller number of stories having a much bigger multiplier effect.

The Mail is ranked just below the BBC, which suggests the BBC is not exploiting enough of its much bigger portfolio of stories - or they're just dull and not worth sharing. The Mail secures many more photo and video links. Click on the graphic for improved legibility.

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