Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meetinged out

What does/did Danny do all day ?  An FOI enquiry asked for details of the outgoing Director of Television Danny Cohen's diary from 1st to 15th July. The BBC said you can't see some of it, cos it's to do with 'journalism, art or literature'. But they did provide other bits...and you can see two things. One, there's been no real Bonfire of the Boards, or slashing of the meeting/routine command and control culture that stifles the BBC. Two, why Danny, in his forties, might have decided enough's enough...

Danny Cohen is the Director of Television, a content division, with the majority of his appointments being programme or strategic discussions about aspects of our output. This information is out of scope under FOI legislation. However as a member of the BBC Executive team and an industry figure we can provide information about those appointments that concern pan-BBC or industry-wide business and that fall within the scope of the Act.

Wednesday 1st July 2015 
0930-1000: Meeting with HR 
1000-1100: TV Approvals Group 
1200-1300: Commissioning Team Meeting 
1400-1500: Routine with Corporate strategy 
1500-1600: Routine with Head of Development 
1600-1700: BBC Three Steering Group Meeting 
1700-1730: Routine Weekly Meeting with DG and his team 
1730-1800: Executive Team Meeting 

Thursday 2nd July 2015 
0900-1000: DG’s Senior Leadership Team Meeting 
1100-1200: TV Board 
1200-1245: Conference Call with TV’s Leadership Team
1430-1500: Routine with Controller BBC One 
1500-1530: Routine with Factual production 
1530-1630: Routine with Drama Commissioning 

Friday 3rd July 2015 
0930-1030: Attended a News Awayday 
1030-1100: Executive Board 
1100-1130: Diary catch up 
1500-1630: TV Leadership Team Meeting 
1700-1730: Meeting with Controller BBC One and Director of News 

Monday 6th July 
1130-1200: TV Planning Group 
1200-1230: Executive Board 
1330-1400: Routine with TV’s press officer 
1630-1700: Routine direct report 
1800-1830: Routine with DG 

Tuesday 7th July
0930-1030: TV Board 
1030-1230: Executive Board 
1500-1600: TV Leadership Team Meeting 

Wednesday 8th July 
1000-1200: TV Editorial Group 
1200-1300: BBC Three Steering Group 

Thursday 9th July 
1100-1130: Routine with Strategy 
1130-1200: Diary Catch up 
1200-1230: Routine with Director of Sport 
1630-1700: Routine with TV’s press officer 

Friday 10th July 
1000-1200: Silent Witness Set Visit 
1430-1500: Routine with direct report 

Monday 13th July 
1030-1100: Routine with DG 
1400-1600: BBC Trustees Meeting 
1630-1645: Meeting with Factual Operations 
1645-1730: Routine with Comedy production 

Tuesday 14th July 
0930-1030: BBC Annual Report press Briefing 
1100-1200: DG’s Senior Leadership Team Meeting 
1230-1300: Routine with direct report 
1300-1400: BBC America Meeting 
1500-1600: Routine with Entertainment commissioning 

Wednesday 15th July 
0900-1000: Routine with Marketing 
1000-1030: TV Approvals Group 
1030-1100: Routine with BBC Three 
1200-1400: Visit to Tracy Ullman Set 
1530-1600: Meeting with Business operations and HR

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