Thursday, October 1, 2015

Invisible ink

It's a modern miracle. The luvvie letter signed by 29 celebrities who feared for their country under a "diminished BBC" was constructed without writing anything down, at least inside the BBC. Director of Vision, Danny Cohen and Controller of Radio 1 and 1Xtra Ben Cooper's records are clean, says Auntie, in response to a Freedom of Information inquiry.

Q: Under the transparency afforded me by the Freedom Of Information Act please provide me with a list of all persons who were asked by Mr Cohen, Mr Cooper or anybody else to sign the letter including, of course, those who chose not to sign it. Please also provide copies of any emails or other documents generated by Mr Cohen (specifically) in connection with the letter.’ 

A: Searches have been conducted of both Mr Cohen’s and Mr Cooper’s records and nothing relevant to your request has been found.

The rather terse answer doesn't cover all of the question. I don't think a reply like that will satisfy Jesse Norman at the Culture Select Committee, who has asked Lord Hall for a fuller explanation.

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