Thursday, September 17, 2015


Ah, Whittingdale, J. The Culture Secretary sounding so wise, yet saying daft things at the Royal Television Society convention in Cambridge. He's asking for "independent research" on the "market impact" of the main BBC News going out at the same time as that on ITV. The only Charter response to this can be to create a clause that requires the BBC to decide its schedules after ITV has picked its favourite slot. But, he protests, he's not interfering in programmes. Make up your mind !

The Culture Secretary also revealed that the DCMS has had 28,000 responses to its Charter consultation, while the BBC Trust has received 40,000. Come on, we can do better than this. All you campaigners out there, from "Save BBC3", "Bring back Atlantis" to "Friends of Radio 3" and "Cohen's Luvvies" need to get online today.

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  1. What is it about the post of Culture Secretary - John, Sajid, Maria, Jeremy, Ben - that gives you enough time to want to run the Beeb too?

    Only James has managed that so far, and then via the back door.


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