Thursday, September 3, 2015


Come Monday, it'll be interesting to see where the proposals for "BBC Studios" end up in Lord Hall's vision of the organisation's future.

The idea is to semi-float most tv production away from the Mothership, a la BBC Wordwide, away from salary scrutiny, away from inconvenient career progression commitments, away from tiresome terms and conditions of service, away from Freedom of Information nosey-parkers, so that it can regain it's apparently missing creative jive and sell programmes to all-comers.

As you might guess, I'd argue case not proven. Former BBC and ITV producer Mike Flood Page, now studying for a Ph D in Glasgow, makes the case again on the Our Beeb website, and it's worth a read.

However, if "BBC production struggles to attract the best talent because it can’t offer the right incentives", why would the creation of BBC Studios drive down costs ?

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