Thursday, September 17, 2015

Show me the money

The usually-well-briefed Tara Conlan in the Guardian has interesting details about the BBC's proposals to create a super-indie, BBC Studios. It suggests the new organisation will include radio comedy, alongside tv drama, comedy and entertainment.

Tara continues "The creation of a commercial BBC Studios will also mean that talent and executive pay within the company will no longer be capped and executives will not be subject to the same level of scrutiny as they were in the public sector. Currently many details about how they operate can be obtained through freedom of information requests."  

This circle needs squaring - how on earth will BBC programmes from BBC Studios be cheaper in the future ? Are their offices to be sheds in Slough ? Will staff have no training ? Reduced employment rights ? No overheads for compliance ?  Something has to be cut, if executive pay in BBC Studios is to catch up, say, with Peter Salmon's £387,900 pa.

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