Thursday, September 10, 2015

Really interesting antiques

British, Bold Creative - a new daytime quiz about antiques. I can barely contain myself. The throbbing cross-genre creativity of it all is giving me hot and cold flushes. Here's the unedited kernel of the blurb.

BBC One Daytime will be launching a brand new antiques quiz show, For What It’s Worth. The 25 x 45’ series, produced by Tuesday’s Child, is a strategic quiz with simple gameplay plus the tantalising play-a-long of guessing the value of really interesting antiques. 

Fern Britton takes on the role as quiz master and will be joined by a different antiques expert each week. Over three rounds, three pairs of contestants will compete to collect as many of the antiques on offer, hoping to bag the most treasurable items and avoid the tat. 

The Quizzer of the duo will be answering general knowledge questions in order to earn their antiques-buff-partner – The Picker – the chance to select an item for the team’s collection. Over the course of the game, we lose the two teams who have the lowest value collections, leaving the final team to select just one lot from all they have collected. They will have the choice to keep the lot, or be tempted to swap for a mystery lot. Either way, they won’t get the actual item, instead they’ll get the cash value - but have they spotted the high ticket lot? Or have they made a selection that is worthless?

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