Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pesto ingredients

I'm a little puzzled that Robert Peston might be entertaining a move to ITV. The network offers many fewer outlets than the sprawling BBC, working within lower budgets and to lower audiences.

Part of Pesto's fun at the BBC, once he realised it didn't matter he was odd, and once producers realised that his oddness was useful and endorsed by the suits, was the range of things he could do - pioneering instant blogs, world travel, Newsnight, getting mercilessly teased by Eddie Mair, Radio 4 interview shows, 3 minute explainers on line, tv think pieces when he wasn't forced to write anything down, and a couple of books on the side.

To have that circumscribed into a nightly political contribution to ITV's 10pm audience of sometimes less than 2m is odd.

The package is extremely creative.
or The craving for a political role is insatiable
or He's bored with the way things are at BBC News

Or a bit of all three.

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