Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dial up

Regular readers will know how my day lights up when I come across a great HR case study. Today, "Landing Transformational Change", from the CIPD and University of Bath. The landing team at BBC Worldwide were incoming CEO, Tim Davie, and his director of People, Kirstin Furber, an "expert facilitator" who's established HR as "horizontal, running throughout".

Some extracts: "In BBC Worldwide the translation of the future vision into individual change started at the top and was then taken to senior managers before being opened to everyone. Time was made for consultation with senior leaders at each stage to allow them to design and own the change.

"There was a mass conversation for 1,800 staff, which was started between the executive and senior leaders, and then cascaded down to team leaders and teams, in the form of a workshop that asked everyone what they loved about BBC Worldwide and what could be improved. The purpose of the conversation was to get people more focused on the culture and excited about working at BBC Worldwide – to ‘dial up’ the culture, but at the same time to ask what needed to change. These events also allowed the capture of fantastic stories from individuals about their most inspirational moments at BBC Worldwide, which could then be shared. These workshops built on the fact that many individuals work in Worldwide because they feel very passionate about the BBC."

You can hear more from Kirstin at the HR Change & Transformation Conference, in Canary Wharf next month, when she will open up about "Creating an Inspiring Growth Culture", to delegates who have paid at least £1,095 each. (It's a bit cheaper to read "The Secrets of Success at Work: 10 Steps to Accelerating Your Career", which Kirstin reviewed on Amazon in 2010.)

  • In other conference news, you'll be disappointed to learn that Damien Shieber, BBC HR Partner, Talent and Organisational Development is no longer speaking at the Talent Management and Development Summit, being held at the Hilton in Canary Wharf in October, on the topic "Building a high performance culture with talent".

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