Friday, September 18, 2015

Come on over...

Better than Kafka. The BBC was asked, in a Freedom of Information enquiry, about the HR department's mapping of 3,000 managerial staff into a nine-box grid, as evidenced by an online case study, in a request filed on 12th August.

On 25th August, most of the online case study was taken down.

On 27th August, the BBC wrote back to the enquirer, saying they couldn't move forward on the case, because the online link was no longer valid.

On 31st August, the BBC were sent four more working links to the case study.

Yesterday the BBC responded to an enquiry about contacts with the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, original hosters of the online case study, and wrote this...

"When the BBC was alerted to the fact that an old BBC case study existed on the LFHE website, the BBC contacted them to ask that it was removed. This is standard practice on the basis that the case study was several years out of date and was not representative of practices within the organisation today; we felt it was therefore misleading."

Misleading or not, it is data, it was and is stored, and the BBC should not be tap-dancing around like this, pretending it knows nothing. Have a word, Valerie.

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