Friday, August 7, 2015

Women in numbers

The Magic of Julia Bradbury returned to ITV last night, with the third episode of The Wonder of Britain airing in the 9pm slot. The series was pulled in January after just two episodes, which produced audiences around 1.5m in overnight ratings.

Last night, the total was 1.8m - and a bigger share (9.6%) of a smaller available audience. Still, not really another breakthrough for ITV Factual. Especially when Great British Bake-Off returned with an average of 9.3m, despite nay-sayers claiming an early August launch would be a disaster.

In the UK league table of vibrant women presenters, Katie Hopkins' new show on the TLC Channel launched to 68,800 viewers. Guests were Liz Jones, Gemma Collins and comedian Paul Foot.

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