Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Who knows ?

Dame Janet Smith may have finished her report on goings-on at the BBC, but still reads the papers.

So when the Mail said the findings "are secretly circulating among BBC bosses – but have yet to be shown to victims", the Smith team issued a rebuttal. 

"In advance of publication of the Report, any comments about the Review’s findings are premature and speculative and are not endorsed by the Review. Further, the Review confirms that the Report has not been provided to the BBC."

So Mail sources saying the report "tears the BBC apart", and is "much worse than expected" are put in a difficult position.

  • 11.10 update Former Newsnight producer, Meirion Jones, without whom all this wouldn't have started, points out that those about to be criticised in the full report may have been in receipt of so called "Salmon letters", giving them a chance to respond ahead of full publication. 

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