Friday, August 14, 2015

Mixed messages

HQ to BBC local radion stations, July 2015 "We are at the point where we need to reinforce our role as a companion – with presenters and output that will cheer you up as we involve you in local life. Put simply we need to avoid stifling the personality in our output."

HQ to BBC Radio Solent, August 2015 "Suspend Alex Dyke".

With show features including "The Mouth of the South", 53-year-old father-of-three Alex shared his personal views on breast-feeding in public with listeners to his three-hour daily show on Wednesday.

"I blame the Earth mothers, you know the ones I mean, the ones with the moustaches, the ones who work in libraries, the ones who wear hessian, the ones they're always on Radio 4 on Women's Hour, they are always pushing the boundaries and making us feel uncomfortable. 

"Breastfeeding is unnatural. It's the kind of thing that should be done in a quiet, private nursery. 

"It was OK in the Stone Age when we knew no better, when people didn't have their own teeth... but now I just think a public area is not the place for it and fellas don't like it."

There was an immediate uproar on social media, but Alex was still on air on Thursday, with an apology: 

"Yesterday on the show I spoke about breastfeeding. The comments I made during the broadcast were unacceptable and I would like to apologise for any offence caused.”

Today, he's missing from the schedule, and the recording of Wednesday's show has been removed from the iPlayer. Alex has production support for his weekday output - see the first video on the show's Facebook page. Regular producer Alun Newman took charge at the microphone during Alex's recent break.

From his choice of retweets in his Twitter timeline, one might have guessed that Alex has a certain sort of personality.

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